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Palate Pressure

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Palate Pressure

These bits ask for a response at the roof of your horse’s mouth, and the pressure is reinforced on the edge of his tongue. With ports over 2 inches high, these mouthpieces require light hands, a perfectly timed release, and a very responsive horse.

The motion from your hands is more of a pick-up rather than a pull, similar to laying a bridle rein on your horse’s neck. When your horse gives to the pressure, you almost have to be ahead of him with the release because horses soften and tighten so quickly. Watching for cues from his ears can help time the release—one will usually twitch right before he lowers his head.

Palate pressure bits are available in slider and fixed mouthpieces. The slider slows down the rider’s hand to make the horse more responsive instead of reactive.

“A perfectly timed release is required to use these bits—it’s a pick-up motion more than a pull, and you almost have to be ahead of the response to release the pressure.”—JE