In performance and showing events, the bit's function is to ask, tell, remind and be sharp if necessary. The prettier and more correct the horse and rider can show, the increased chances of success.

In speed events, the horse needs more protection from the rider’s hands. Training and cues are perfected in the practice pen. At the time of competition for a speed event, the more efficient the horse can do his job without interference, the more athletic he can be.


" The Jim Edwards Slider is a great shank for horses in the box. It helps build confidence and trust that allows me to apply pressure to hold the horse in the corner but in a non-threatening way. This is a great tool to teach a horse to leave off your hand flat and level to the ground. "

Charlie Crawford, 8x NFR Qualifier

" Jim’s bits have been a game changer for my program. They are balanced and comfortable for a colt and provide just the right amount of rate and lift for an older finished horse. "

Jane Fambro, Barrel Horse Trainer

" Jim's bits are extremely balanced, user friendly, and stabilizing. They will forever have a place in my training program."

Jolene Montgomery, World Champion Barrel Horse Trainer


All mouthpieces are mild steel and have a lifetime guarantee.